Holiday food gift ideas from home-based entrepreneurs

Holiday food gift ideas from home-based entrepreneurs


Check out these three home-based food businesses you can support and source as your holiday gifts — guaranteed to bring cheers and smiles this Christmas and New Year.

Nothing beats good food to spread some cheer this holiday season.

Likewise, you can add some tasty treats to the holiday feast courtesy of these three online and home-based businesses we discovered and have come to love. At NewsFeed360, we felt it’s our duty to share the stories of these inspiring entrepreneurs who made something good (and delicious!) out of the challenging season of pandemic.

If you’re looking for delectable treats to give to your loved ones or looking to spice up your Noche Buena and Media Noche spread, it is our pleasure and honor to introduce Happy Tins, TYnapay by Adz and Amanda’s Choice. Thank us later.


Athena Fregillana is the woman behind Happy Tins

Athena Fregillana, the woman behind Happy Tins, started her pastry and homemade goodies business in May 2020 right smack in the middle of the pandemic.

“I’m a foodie at heart. I love eating and discovering new places to dine especially coffee and desserts. Baking was also a rediscovered passion during the pandemic. I decided to pursue and invest in this business because food brings comfort and instant happiness to everyone,” Athena says.

Spread the joy and make someone smile with these delectable baked treats from Happy Tins

Among the Happy Tins bestsellers are the S’more Stuffed Cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, Buttercake Loaf with Yema Spread, Carrot Walnut Loaf and Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

For Athena, the business may bring delight to the customers but it also warms her heart when she bakes and witnesses the effect of her products.

“I love that I can instantly bring happiness to my customers. They will always order especially if they have sweet cravings or they want to give it as gifts to their friends. Also, it helps me de-stress with my work when I bake or just do errands for Happy Tins. It brings me to a different world. It challenges another side of me and brings out the best in me. Baking really taught me how to be more patient,” she says.

Apart from the bestsellers, check out the Happy Tins Christmas menu which includes Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, Espresso Banana Loaf, Butter Cake with Yema Spread and the Nibblers. Watch out for their upcoming collaboration with Casa Gracias!

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From real estate to baking, Adrienne found her new passion and she’s loving it.

TYnapay by Adz is an online bakery hatched by Adrienne Luaton Ty when the pandemic hit. She considers April 18, 2020 as a remarkable time for their family when they set up the business and sees it as a “gift” that came in the most unexpected way at the onset of a very challenging time.

She and husband Eric have been contemplating on putting up a business even before COVID-19 happened, but it took circumstances to force them to step up and realize these plans. As they both work as real estate brokers, they needed a recurring income especially when enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was imposed and they were stuck at home.

Adrienne, out of sheer desire to make sure they have bread to eat amid the looming shortage and panic buying happening then, explored baking by looking at recipes online.

TYnapay by Adz started off with the quarantine megahit Ube Pandesal and subsequently expanded with their best-selling ultra-soft Cheese Rolls.

Deliver the goodness of TYnapay by Adz’s pandesal and cheese rolls to friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Adrienne now looks at this business as something for the long haul and not just a temporary one.

“Our desire to continue delivering alternative options for quality but budget-friendly breads and the vision to become every family’s favorite bakeshop keeps us going. We hope to be able to grow and become a channel of blessing to our current and future employees and to every client who gets their hands on our products,” Adrienne says.

TYnapay by Adz is currently offering amazing Christmas deals which includes holiday packaging complete with ribbons and gift tags that can be personalized with Christmas greetings. They are also offering a hassle-free gifting service where customers can place orders for loved ones, and will arrange the deliveries and even write the greetings for the recipients. TYnapay by Adz also offers bulk deals depending on the volume of order. Enjoy their Christmas promo of 1 FREE box for every 10 boxes for orders placed from December 4 to December 31, 2021.

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Lysa Tiongson-San Agustin finds home for her love of cooking: Amanda’s Choice

Because the pandemic forced people to shelter in place and explore all kinds of things to comfort them in these challenging times, an idea came into fruition: Amanda’s Choice.

“It was May 2020 and we were on ECQ. We love cooking and we felt that people were just home and they would want to order online,” says entrepreneur Lysa Tiongson-San Agustin, the woman behind Amanda’s Choice.

Feast on these delectable comfort food and celebrate Christmas enjoying it with family and friends.

Amanda’s Choice specializes in comfort food and people found joy in delicious bestsellers like ginataang bilo-bilo, callos and dinuguan

The passion for cooking and bringing joy to customers hungry for good food kept them going in this business.

“We are enjoying and at the same time, it gives us extra income,” Lysa adds.

Just as they are enjoying preparing and cooking callos, dinuguan, embotido, lasagna and ginataang bilo-bilo, they are also set to share this happiness during the holiday season as they are now offering Family Size and Party Tray options which families and loved ones can feast on together.

For more details, follow Amanda’s Choice on Instagram:

or call 0977-4936763.

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