5 foreigner YouTubers who lovingly embraced the Philippines – and we love ‘em back!


Philippines, like the rest of the world, is enduring tough times but NewsFeed 360 is here to inspire and remind you how blessed we are as Filipinos from the perspective of foreigner vloggers we also adore (and whose channels we binge-watch!).

Art by Agnes Escasa. Screengrabs from vloggers’ YouTube account

Syria. Canada. Japan. Korea. United Kingdom.

These are just some of the countries where foreigner vloggers who treat the Philippines as their second home hail from.

Watching these YouTubers narrate their positive and happy experiences in the country, we can’t help but beam with national pride and have this urge to shower these foreigners with more love and hospitality. Sometimes, it takes a different perspective to ignite our patriotism once more and fan the flame of our love for the Philippines.

Some YouTubers in this list are familiar to some while the others will appear to be a magical discovery for Filipinos out there. Check out the following content creators we appreciate and their channels, and find out how they have come to love the Philippines.

Along with other Filipinos, these YouTubers are raising the Philippine flag proudly in the realm of video blogging worldwide.

Becoming Filipino

Canadian Kyle Jennerman is probably one of the best-known foreign content creators who has displayed his immense love for the Philippines – so much so that the title of his vlog is aptly named “Becoming Filipino.” He is Mindanao-based so his content naturally gravitates towards featuring the gorgeous landscape and activities in the region, but he also ventures out and has featured Baguio, the Ilocos Region and Boracay, among others. Isn’t it about time already to take “Becoming Filipino” to the next level and admit that Kyle or “Kulas” (as we affectionally call him) is already one of us? Judging from his videos, he became a Filipino – mission accomplished!

The Hungry Syrian Wanderer

Basel Manadil, a native of Syria, moved to the Philippines in 2013 when the Syrian Civil War broke. While his parents and sister moved to Lebanon, he flew to the Philippines to study Computer Engineering at the University of Perpetual Help. Also known as the “adopted son of the Philippines,” his love for the country goes above the surface. While he has shown great appreciation for the Philippines and its culture, it’s his generosity and the heart for helping out people in need that won Filipinos over. He has mobilized efforts to provide relief for the victims of natural disasters, and his channel would regularly feature him extending a hand or making random Filipinos happy by blessing them financially or with other things that help uplift them.

Jessica Lee

While Filipinos fangirl over and shower so much love for K-Drama and K-pop, a Korean vlogger is equally showing the adoration and love for the Philippines. Jessica Lee is 100% Korean but she lived in the Philippines for 9 years – it was enough time for her to develop a deep love for the country and its culture. She considers the Philippines as her second home, having spent her formative years in Bacolod and in Manila. She learned English and swimming here and has formed meaningful friendships with many Filipinos. She is currently based in Seoul, South Korea but if you visit her channel, the Filipino footprints are all over. You would definitely feel her love and warmth for the country. She even cooks sinigang for her grandma and would almost always entice fellow Koreans to eat pancit canton.


Born in Hammatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, Fumiya Sankai started his YouTube channel in 2015. Realizing that he needs to be fluent in English in order to achieve his dreams, he flew to the Philippines in 2017 and enrolled at the Lyceum of the Philippines to study English. During his days as a student, he would regularly upload YouTube videos of his stay in the country not only as content for his channel but also to update his parents on how he is doing. He has also uploaded videos of himself appreciating OPM music by doing song covers of notable Filipino artists such as Iňigo Pascual’s Dahil Sa ‘Yo, Daniel Padilla’s Simpleng Tulad Mo, Juan Karlos’ Buwan and more. Fumiya became a household name when he auditioned for PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) and became an official PBB OTSO housemate. It became his entry to pursue a career in showbusiness and significantly increased his subscriber base.

The Juicy Vlog

Imagine appreciating the Philippines in British accent. George Warrington and Lucy D’Agostino have considered the Philippines as their second home, with Lucy even suggesting in a vlog episode that they can be considered as “connoisseurs of Filipino culture.” The couple from the UK has shared numerous contents on the Philippines documenting their tropical getaways in the country’s diverse islands and pristine beaches, and also of them sharing their observations of the country and its culture from their perspective.

Feeling all the Philippine love yet from our foreign neighbors? Experience more! Head over to these YouTubers’ channels and revisit the beauty of the Philippines and the Filipino people. Consider it as your Independence Day binge-watch date!

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