Digital Transformation and COVID-19: Policy imperatives for local governments and MSMEs in the Philippines


The Philippines is not immune to the looming global recession due to the massive lockdowns, work stoppages, and decline in economic activities that the virulent coronavirus is forcing upon governments.

This enormous challenge requires the Philippines to look at new opportunities that can ensure its economic resiliency. The imminent shift in regional production and relocation of services can provide ample demand for digital offshore and manufacturing services.

The sixth issue of De La Salle University – Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance’s (DLSU-JRIG) policy brief discusses how digital transformation (Dx) strategies can provide new ways of energizing the country’s supply chain and customer relationship management to address the fallout arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, it discusses how digital transformation can improve public services through online systems that will encourage citizens and businesses to transact with the government within the safety of their homes.

This policy brief proposes a Dx roadmap for local policymakers, local government executives, and entrepreneurs with a new perspective on how to use digital transformation to create stronger integration of local governments and Micro, Small, Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs).

Click here for the policy brief.

About the Writer
Sherwin E. Ona, Ph.D.

Sherwin E. Ona, Ph.D is an associate professor and chair of the political science department of De La Salle University (DLSU). His current projects and engagements are in the areas of public policy, cybersecurity, e-governance and disaster informatics. Dr. Ona is a fellow of the Philippine Public Safety College, DILG and the La Salle Institute of Governance, DLSU. Dr. Ona is also an auxiliary officer of the Philippine Coast Guard with the rank of commander.

About the Writer
Samantha S. Ching

Samantha S. Ching is a graduate student of Master of Arts in Development Policy under the Political Science Department of De La Salle University. Concurrently, she is a Senior Associate for Public Affairs at WSP, Inc. – a Filipino-owned communications company. Her current engagements are in the areas of public relations, public policy, and international affairs. Samantha obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Studies major in European Studies, with distinction, from the same university.

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