10 Homeschooling Tips for Work-From-Home Parents


For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a baptism of fire; a baptism into the churches of survival, resilience, and patience. It brought unprecedented times for both businesses and individuals, forcing almost everything and everyone to manage all aspects of living from a single base—home.

Parents are among those most uniquely hit. While adjusting to their home environments as their new office environments, many have also had to take on second careers as educators to their children. Nary a parent in this situation, working from home or not, was prepared for this monumental task.

Hardly an expert, and only a few months in myself, here are tips for work-from-home parents – now having to juggle the (at times) unrealistic demands of home schooling – that I hope can serve as a breath of sanity through the flames of madness.

About the Writer
Rachel Kelly Davis

Rachel Kelly Davis has been a published writer since the age of 14, often writing features, essays, and cover pieces. In 2016 she started writing poetry, leaving index cards of her poems all over the world and posting the photos she is sent by the people who find them.  She has worked in communications for over a decade, wearing various hats ranging from digital marketing and SEO practitioner, brand strategist, and investor relations officer.  Most recently she was the Associate Vice President for Customer Experience (Public Affairs) at WSP Inc., a public relations company based in the Philippines.

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