Minding your Mind


As we adjust our lives according to all the disruption caused by the pandemic, working professionals from challenging industries like communications find themselves giving more focus to their mental health.

With the resurgence of digital media during quarantine, communication-related professionals find themselves in stressful situations, fending off unreliable content and fighting for space within a plethora of digital communication platforms. The challenge can be literally and figuratively sickening.

No wonder broadcasters, journalists and PR practitioners have become some of the most stressed out career people out there. The 2019 Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Census alone reported that 32% of PR workers have suffered from, or been diagnosed with, mental illness.

Fortunately, mental illness, just like any other disease, is preventable and curable. For those of us who work in the communications industry, we need to do a sanity check by taking a second to breathe and “minding” our mind.

M – Make time for play
We all know what “all work and no Play’ did to Jack in Stephen King’s “The Shining”. So go ahead and do something you really enjoy. Play video games, watch a funny movie, cook, or work out – for as long as it makes you feel good about yourself.

I – Interconnect with your loved ones
Admit that we all need help sometimes. Reach out to your family and friends. They are your positive outlets, your safe and happy place. The more you open up yourself to others, the lesser the burden will be.

N – Unlock new skills
Try something different and challenge yourself to learn something new like cooking, painting, photography, or anything you have always wanted to learn or never thought you can do.

D – Deal with your stress
Pay attention to your emotional and mental state whenever you are stressed. What caused it? How do you react to it? How do you feel? Knowing yourself during a stressful situation will allow you to better manage your feelings. Yoga, meditation, or relaxation breathing can help in increasing body awareness and reducing body tension.

It is completely normal to feel tired and worn out sometimes. After all, we’re human; but that’s also why we should always make sure to look out for ourselves no matter how demanding our jobs get. Because a job well done should never be at the expense of anyone’s mental well-being.

About the Writer
Hanna Mari Ando

Hanna Ando is a Client Experience Manager at PR firm WSP Incorporated. She started her career in advertising where she handled both local and regional clients. She was also previously the Brand Manager for Fruitas Group, one of the Philippines’ top kiosk/food stall businesses. Hanna’s interests include cats, art, yoga, cooking, and everything food. Aside from her regular PR work, she also manages a personal food review page called “Smol Girl x Big Noms” and a food business called Tsuya PH.

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