Gaming in the Time of Quarantine

Brave the challenges! Riot Games launched two new games right smack in the middle of global lockdowns, quarantine and social distancing.

Video games developer Riot Games finally launched in June its highly anticipated tactical shooter video game Valorant for PC, following the May launch of Legends of Runeterra, a free-to-play digital collectible card game on PC and mobile.

Gamers around the world welcomed the gaming company’s consecutive game launches, as they found entertainment in gaming and interaction within the community to cope with stress amid quarantine.

Jennifer Poulson, Riot Games’ head of publishing and product for Southeast Asia, spoke with Digital Life Asia and shared her thoughts on the gaming industry outlook as the whole world deals with the “new normal.”

“Many companies, including Riot Games, have had to make several adjustments to our live events and offline community engagements with the safety and well-being of our players in mind. With people spending more time indoors, many consider gaming as a way to spend their free time. The industry is also looking at alternative avenues to deliver a new gaming and e-sports experience to players and fans,” Poulson said.

“These avenues offer greater opportunities for innovation and growth within the sector, while attracting non-gaming companies to be part of it. Brands and media owners have turned to e-sports and gaming for a young and fresh demographic. E-sports fans are educated, passionate and optimistic about brand sponsorships, so the increased time spent on gaming and e-sports would encourage brands to invest further in this industry,” she added.

Find out more of the conversation between Riot Games’ Jennifer Poulson and Digital Life Asia here:

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