Minerva Delena (Minnie)

By Carmen Dulguime

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

WSP Inc.’s Executive Vice President Minnie Delena must have taken this Shakespearean line to heart, taking on various roles as a communication professional while dipping her toes in performance arts along the way.

Not too many people will dare poke at sensitive issues like death penalty, rape and drugs in front of large audiences the way Minnie did as a theater artist. She has performed in big stages like CCP, Philamlife Theater, AFP Theater, BGC Arts, Music Museum, and RCBC Theater. And yet, this seemingly restless soul continues to set her sight on other disciplines.

While completing a degree in Economics in UP, for example, she was already looking at an adventure in advertising. “Most of my life I’ve pictured myself thriving in a creative, crazy and wild environment, and ad agency life did not disappoint,” Minnie shares.

It was 12 zippy years for a career start, but she knew there had to be something more. “I felt the need to grow, explore another world, enrich my points of view. So when PR landed on my lap, I thought I’d give it a year to see what happens. That was eight years ago,” says Minnie.

“My eyes were opened to pressing issues. I gained a more nuanced appreciation for current events and global news, and dare I say a wider consciousness of the real world,” Minnie continues.

This pandemic has made everything even more challenging – in an exciting, stressful, and rewarding way all at the same time.

Minnie admits that the global health crisis has magnified PR’s role in communication. “We need to be truthful and factual yet relatable enough to be understood by the majority,” says Minnie. “The public is looking for information about how they can survive. Big businesses are reaching out, while the smaller ones are crying for help. The government needs to make assurances. On the flipside, some are looking for someone to blame. Somebody has to step up and deliver the right messages across. The voice must be real, believable and firm. This is how we in PR can help.”

So what should be our mindset going into the new normal? “Absorb what the present brings: learn the lessons, celebrate the wins, be grateful for the miracles – big or small. Keep the spirit of bayanihan moving. Most importantly, follow through,” Minnie affirms.

About the Writer

beingKirei keeps two personal blogsites: beingKirei and Virtual Cubicle. She created these initially for self-expression, but she realized that she can do more with her God-given writing gift. Finding inspiration in Proverbs 31:8 (Speak for those who cannot speak; seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction), she started writing about people she meets and have meaningful conversations with. She found some of their stories need to be told and inspire others. She contributes to NewsFeed 360 on top of working in the editorial department of WSP Inc.. Aside from writing, she tries to learn photography, play the ukulele and guitar, and read until she falls asleep.

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