Make It Official: How to Register Your Online Business


If you saw that viral post about how other countries are reacting to the pandemic, then you were probably in stitches when it came down to the Philippines because it was all about the online selling of ube pandesal, sushi bake, chocolate chip cookies, face masks, alcohol and more. Trust Filipinos to turn a restrictive situation into something productive and profitable.

The quarantine certainly gave birth to quite a number of online sellers, prompting the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) to gently remind the new entrepreneurs to register their online businesses for tax purposes.

This “reminder” was met with an uproar. However, hopeful online sellers saw this as an opportunity to establish their credibility as legitimate sellers to consumers. After all, one of the biggest and important factors in online business transactions is trust.

One of the biggest and important factors in online business transactions is trust.

If you are one of those online sellers who finds value in making it official, here are the following steps to register your online business at the BIR:

  • Ensure that you have applied for a taxpayer identification number (TIN)
  • Register your business name at DTI to get your DTI certificate.
  • Proceed to a BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) nearest your place of business or residence
  • Bring two copies of filled out BIR 1901 form, government-issued IDs and DTI certificate
  • Prepare P500 for the BIR registration fee and P30 for documentary stamp taxes
  • Prepare a maximum of P3,000 for the printing of receipts via a BIR RDO-accredited printer

It’s always smart to consult an accountant to review the requirements and steps, or visit to make sure about the details. Make your online business official and BIR compliant!

About the Writer
Grace C. Diez

Grace Diez started as an AM/FM radio traffic reporter and broadcast supervisor of before pursuing a 5-year career in advertising and a 9-year (and counting!) career in public relations. With 17 years of experience as a writer, her works have been published on People Asia, Metro.Style, ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Star Studio, Metro Magazine, Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Working Mom, Chalk.PH, League Magazine, Sense & Style, Woman Today and Manila Standard with editors entrusting her with cover stories and CEO/celebrity profiling assignments. She loves IU, Taylor Swift, coffee, milk tea, Dr. Pepper and cookies.

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