FB Page shares links to free workbooks for K to Grade 10

By Carmen Dulguime

Parents and students could use this bit of good news, whether they have decided to enroll for the coming schoolyear or not. A Facebook Page that goes by the name Teacher Beia has been sharing links to education materials for free.

The latest post takes its followers to an icedrive link where supplementary workbooks for students from kindergarten to grade 10 are compiled in separate folders. According to Teacher Beia, these files have been put together by various people for free. The goal is to have these printed out or forwarded to as many indigent parents and students as possible so they can have reference materials to aid their education without spending a single centavo.

While Teacher Beia confirms that these materials are not the actual school workbooks that schools use, the workbooks may help the kids continue their education regardless of their current situation. Most of the files have answer keys at the end to help the parents, teachers, tutors or guardians.

Teacher Beia also encouraged followers to check out the DepEd Commons Facebook page and official website for more materials. Check out the actual post and see how parents and teachers are reacting to this heartwarming news. Read more

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