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Stroke 101: Not a Romance Story

Aside from romantic love, a great Valentine story can also come in the form of loving yourself — by taking care of your health and getting to know the second deadliest disease not only in the Philippines but also in the world: stroke.

Boracay: Searching for a New Beginning

The year 2020 was supposed to be a period of sustained recovery for the island of Boracay. After a painful but necessary shutdown in 2018 to restore its pristine beauty, many locals and businesses in the island looked forward to a more robust tourism. Sadly, even with its gradual reopening, life was never the same for many – some of whom had to suffer from loss of livelihood due to necessary restrictions. When 2020 came, the odds grew worse against their favor.

Philippine Football: Missing the Pitch

An aspiring 16-year-old football player looks back at 2020, sharing his passion and heartbreak for the sport he loves, as well as his positive outlook on what Philippine football does – and can still do – for the Filipino youth.

How Brands and Media can co-exist in the new Storytelling Landscape

That just about sums up what has been happening to Philippine media since this pandemic happened. Philippine Daily Inquirer editor Pam Pastor, journalist and author Lala Rimando and GMA Network’s Alwyn Alburo shared how the pandemic has been affecting journalism, and how it can be attenuated, during the first ever webversation entitled “Executive Series: The New Media Landscape” hosted by PR firm, WSP Inc.

Kaparkan Falls: Abra’s not-so-hidden treasure

Nestled within the remote barangay of Caganayan in Tineg, Abra is a breathtaking natural wonder known as Kaparkan Falls. Located about 45 kilometers from the capital town of Bangued, the 524-meter long, 175-meter high multi-tiered waterfall features an infinity of pools and terraces, with the water cascading from top to bottom.