FWD Insurance is the top 4 insurer in the country based on New Business Annualized Premium Equivalent (NBAPE), the unaudited Insurance Commission financial report indicates. It was a big leap from the previous eighth position in 2019, with the Insurer posting a 43% increase in premiums to over Php13Bn, and 39% growth in assets to almost Php20Bn from 2019 to 2020.

Coming from her successful business pitch in Canadian television reality show Dragon’s Den, Pinay mom and entrepreneur Lian Delos Reyes shares her story to NewsFeed 360 on how she turned her difficult post-birth experience into an opportunity to reach out to all mothers across the globe.

First, she lost her job. Then her mother-in-law. She, along with her son and husband, tested positive for Covid. She had it bad, so she had to be admitted to the hospital. All of these happened within a span of two weeks. But she remained calm and positive as she had been in worse situations before: separate surgeries for brain tumor and aneurysm, and two difficult pregnancies years ago had made her stronger over the years. This woman is truly filled with grace.

The word “mother” should not be exclusive to a certain gender or confined to those who have experienced childbirth. You could be an aunt watching over nieces and nephews, or an older sister taking care of younger sibs. The bottom line is that being a mom means having that I-wont-take-shit-from-anyone attitude to protect those you love and value the most.